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Problem with Firefox Update

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Problem with Firefox Update

Beitragvon NAS-Tor » Mi Sep 19, 2018 7:45 pm


I started using my first Asustor 6404t just a few days ago and have at first installed some basic apps as Asustor Portal, X.org, Phyton, Web browser, etc.
Now I would like to use Firefox as my preferred browser. Downloading the app wasn't the problem. However Firefox informs me that the downloaded version (57.0.4) is outdated and a new version (62) is available. After the update the screen shows the Firefox symbol and the usual screen layout with a lot of cryptic symbols instead of Latin characters which makes it hard to navigate and after a while the program 'freezes' so that I have to reboot the whole system.
As Chrome is really no alternative for me, I would be glad if someone could tell me what to do to get Firefox running in an actual version. Or do I need a more recent version of the Firefox app I'm using (53.0.3.r1), which is dated May 26, 2017?

Many thanks in advance
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